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//  Location:  Fort Worth, TX.
//  Genre:  Country
//  Years Active:  2009- Present
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George Navarro is a young artist (he was born in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1991), and though being young in years, he already has a decades-long heritage of music and performing.


The U.S. country music scene is exactly where George wants to be and where he belongs.  While logging over ten years of experience on lead and acoustic guitar, he continues to add instrumental bullets to his ever growing musical holster, and is now an accomplished bass, fiddle and mandolin player.  George’s biggest bullet, however comes in the form of his signature vocals. With his warm and wonderful tone and wide vocal range, he has the ability to perform emotional ballads to country rock anthems with ease, coupled with his electrifying stage presence.    

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Ph: (615) 383-8787

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